Last watched March 2017


Laurel Healy just wants to complete her documentary on Melanesian choirs, so when her dad suggests she comes home and works for her brother, Senator Luke Healy, she reluctantly agrees – she needs the money. After helping one of Luke’s constituents, she starts investigating the odd happenings at Capitol Hill.


I have a loose policy when it comes to picking T.V. shows. If the feature picture doesn’t show a woman or a person of colour in a prominent position, I don’t watch it without a strong recommendation from a friend. Most of the shows out there are about white, cis, able bodied, straight men and I don’t like to encourage that on principle. So, seeing as the cover art of Braindead is just an image of the white house coming out of a suit, I skipped it. Another american political drama, I thought.

Oh how I was wrong! Stan (correctly) had been suggesting it to me for some time and I feel bad for ignoring it’s excellent advise. Not only does Braindead have a (albeit white, straight, cis, able bodied, VERY privileged) woman lead, but it also has two people of colour – one woman and one man – as her friends and co-conspirators. Both characters of colour felt very whole and well rounded. Gustav, in particular, feels like the perfect balance of unhinged and hinged – which makes his plot twist really annoying, in my mind.

The whole show is really about bipartisanship and critiques the extremism in political ideals which I felt complicated about. A lot of Republicans especially have beef with people like me (trans folk), so ‘making nice’ with them always feels a little bit wrong. That being said, I did appreciate the critiques and I found the show well written and extremely funny. I am very sad CBS didn’t follow through and give it the four-part series.

Genre: political comedy, sci-fi, satire

Pros: woman written, woman directed, woman lead production, diverse cast
Cons: none?

Would approach with caution if: you have a phobia of bugs (ant like creatures crawl into their ears and it is SO gross), have difficulty with random attacks, one with a knife, several scenes of people getting shot

Can be found: Stan
Accessibility: subtitles and closed captions 🙂 🙂

If you liked this, I would suggest: I… don’t really know of any other political-scifi mash-up comedies so this goes in a category all of it’s own.


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