Last watched April 2017


“Undercover follows the lives and family of Maya Cobbina, a British lawyer conducting a long-term legal fight to prove the innocence of US death row inmate Rudy Jones, and her husband Nick Johnson. After Cobbina is head hunted for the position of Director of Public Prosecutions, her husband’s past – and the circumstances under which the couple first met twenty years earlier – comes back to haunt him.”
– Credit, Wiki


Jeeze Louise, this is one ripper of a telly show. Let’s just start by saying that Sophie Okonedo and Adrian Lester (the show’s two main cast members) are so goddamn talented. Okonedo, especially, has an incredible range and it is so absolutely enthralling to see her in a role that allows her to really stretch her talents as an actor. Nick Johnson (played by Lester) is a truly incredible character who is deeply flawed and intricately written. I just cannot get over how good this show is.

I can’t make any decent / worthy value judgements on the representation of their autistic son but, coming from an allistic point of view, I really dug how he was represented as an autonomous character who didn’t feel tokenised or reduced.

My only complaint would be that old chestnut of not-enough-queers and the fact that it is written and directed (according to IMDB) by white men.

Genre: political drama

Pros: diverse cast, neurodivergent representation
Cons: as mentioned in opinion

Would approach with caution if: you have difficulty with plotlines around state violence including un-official murder and subsequent cover up as well as a character on death row, state surveillance, drug use, murder via drug overdose

Can be found: Stan
Accessibility: subtitles and closed captions 🙂 🙂

If you liked this, I would suggest: Maybe Restless? Hmm. Maybe Occupied? I’m not sure.


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