Fury TV Guide is a physical (or electronic) manifestation of my love of television.

Recently I’ve found myself absolutely loving the process of referring shows to people. I thought I’d streamline the process and put all my recommendations in one place so when I’m not around, people can find a good a show themselves.

What do I mean when I say

Racially diverse – not only white people in the main roles. Also, the people of colour are full, well rounded characters with significant placement in the storylines (aren’t just plot points)
Gender diverse – trans people or plot lines are specifically stated in the text
Woman lead – the main character (or one of) is a woman
Woman written – one of the core writers is a woman
Woman directed – one of the directors, on one or more episodes, is a woman
Queer – it has one or more characters with one or more non-definable queer plotlines
Speculative fiction vs sci fi – Spec fic is posing the question “what would the world look like if…” sci fi is “this is the world, it is technologically advanced and here are some stories in it”
POC lead – lead by characters of colour
Intersex – there is one or more intersex characters or plotlines

Comments section

I am a fallible person! Sometimes I miss things cos I am not clue-y. Think the show is racist? Did I miss a sly transphobic joke? Please feel free to post anything that you think should be included in the write up.

If I agree with it, I will integrate it into the post, probably noting that it was a comment from someone who is not me. If I don’t agree with it (or it is inappropriate), it will be deleted, never to be seen again.

Note: please stay in your lane with comments. The exception to this rule is if your friend (or something you read) says it is racist / sexist / transphobic etc.
Note: No TERF scum or reverse racists. Just if you’re going to be silly like that then this guide isn’t going to suit your tastes.

Last Watched

Please note at the start of every post I will put when (or an estimation) I last watched the show. My reviews of each show – particularly what is probbo or good about them – should be weighed against that. Please don’t get in touch to tell me I’m a terrible person for missing something I watched 10 years ago.