Last watched December 2016


Fleabag runs a cafe that is failing miserably. She has a terribly British relationship with her sister and a rather strained one with her father, possibly made so by the fact that as soon as her mother died, he started sleeping with their godmother. She’s struggling with grief, with family, with relationships, with connection, with money and with her mental health.


Look, I didn’t mean to review two Phoebe Waller-Bridge shows back to back (Fleabag and Crashing), but my friend said I would like Fleabag and wa-hey! there she was knocking it out of the park. And Olivia Coleman! Ugh, dream show.

Okay so Fleabag is kind of like a really toned back Wetlands. It’s still got that intense body stuff; period jokes that are really funny and a lot of sex. It doesn’t have any anal hernias and related shaving accidents which I was grateful for. As much as I appreciated what Wetlands was doing, I never want to see it ever again. I will, however, gladly watch Fleabag again.

Fleabag is also really adept in mode switching, in one breath laying on some incredible zingers and in another grappling with some truly dark shit. It never lingers too long on one or the other, but always manages a good transition between the two. It gives the effect of a one-two punch to the feels.

Genre: British comedy

Pros: woman lead, woman written (hello Phoebe), feminist plot lines
Cons: some issues with consent, rather, not lack there of but not enthusiastic consent. Not enough people of colour, not enough queers.

Would approach with caution if: you struggle with casual jokes about eating disorders, manipulative relationships used as punchlines, accidental suicide by traffic, grief, comedy derived from sexually inappropriate verbal outbursts and alcohol, periods and menstruation, infidelity, depression

Can be found: Uhmm… the inter…net
Accessibility: no the internet is unyielding 😦

If you liked this, I would suggest: Crashing, Greenwing, Getting On, Fresh Meat, Raised by Wolves


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