Last watched November 2016


Growing up ‘Inland’, you are taught that to aspire to the utopia known only as ‘Offshore’. To get there, you must go through ‘the Process’, a gruelling set of tasks that weed out those without merit. Only 3% have enough merit to go.

But the tough life of living Inland means that not everyone is satisfied with this separation of wealth and comfort. There has been a resistance formed called “the Cause” which is hell bent on destroying the Process and the Offshore way of life.


This show is pretty dang grouse. The cast is hugely diverse and very well fleshed out. The writing is superb, the direction is compelling. The whole thing is cleverly crafted speculative fiction that, while looking super schmick, could easily have been made on a dime. The core message is putting pure meritocracy under a microscope, which is bloody interesting because they do it in really compelling ways. This is also very politically progressive and has a plot line that nods to the Social Model of Disability and the guy in the wheelchair has a love / sex positive plot line, which I feel like many of my disabled activist friends would approve of.

Pros: excellent diversity in race, well rounded women characters and characters of colour, a significant plot around a person in a wheelchair including some progressive politics around it, well directed, well acted, clever script.
Cons: needs more queer people

Would approach with caution if: you struggle with father-preacher plot lines, familial rejection, familial separation via circumstance and choice, mob violence, an attack on a woman of colour which has the subtext of about to go sexually (until it is stopped), suicide, self harm, murder

Can be found: Netflix
Accessibility: Subtitles and English dubs available 🙂

If you liked this, I would suggest: Trepalium, Cowboy Bebop, Firefly and the soon-to-be Mad Addam series from HBO.


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