Last watched November 2016


An eclectic collection of people share a dilapidated building in London through a ‘property guardians’ program. This includes the dorky, but adorable Fred who is both gay and very shy; the realistic equivalent of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl (read: flawed, chaotic, childish and deeply irresponsible) Lulu; Lulu’s oldest friend Anthony and his fiancee Kate, who are saving up for a deposit on a house and their wedding; Melody the vivacious French artist and Colin, the dickhead.


Crashing was a total romp. The racism depicted was very self aware, the plot lines around homosexuality were beautiful, intricate and completely compelling. The narrative tension between Andy and Lulu was driven by a totally believable series of bluffs and ruses that feel only too familiar to the emotionally stunted, like myself. Even the depiction of Melody and Fred’s Australian boyfriend, though comically extreme, were done lovingly.

Probably the highest praise I have for it would be that at the end of one of the episodes, I found myself laughing for a good five minutes straight.

Pros: good depictions of queer narratives, a queer PoC included, well rounded women characters, genuinely funny, slutshaming is depicted to flag a character being shitty
Cons: seems to think that women violating other women’s consent, sexually is cause for comedy. Happens twice [SPOILERS] — once in a very troubling power dynamic where Lulu is asking someone for money and once when someone just launches a kiss on Kate. Could have more people of colour in main roles.

Would approach with caution if: you struggle with (comedy derived from) sexual contact lacking consent (particularly between women) – one predatory, one misunderstanding-, infidelity, comedy derived from a fairly emotionally abusive character

If you liked this, I would suggest: Fresh Meat, Community, Fleabag
Can be found: Netflix


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