Getting On

Last watched 2015


I tried to write a summary about this show, but it is too much like Arrested Development in that the plot doesn’t really go anywhere so it’s hard to explain without giving a detailed blow-by-blow.

It’s set in a British geriatric ward run by the NHS and it is everything (and more) you would expect from that premise. It’s a satirical show that can get very dark at times, but still maintains it’s humanity.

Vicki Pepperdine, for instance, plays a very uptight “Care of the Elderly Consultant” far more interested in her patients poo than the patients. Jo Brand’s character is easily the most empathetic to her patients and their families but she is also mired in casual racism and homophobia, which she harrumphs about when challenged on. In this way her character is probably the most realistic — at least in my experience.

Pros: Excellent women characters in a woman-lead comedy. Created by three women (Jo Brand, Vicki Pepperdine and Joana Scanlan) and also part-directed by a woman, too (Susan Tully). It has good humour, has largely older-woman characters and it is well written.

Cons: Not really a con, per se, because it’s not forgiven in the show, but there is casual racism and homophobia depicted

Can be found: the… internet?
Accesibility: depends on where you’re watching
Light/Heavy rating: 5
Approach carefully if: you have trouble with dying, geriatric hospitals, hospitals, casual homophobia and racism

If you liked this, I also suggest: Green Wing, Arrested Development, Friday Night Dinner


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