Raised By Wolves

Last watched: July 2016


Della Garry works at the Pound Store and looks after her homeschooled six kids, Germaine, Aretha, Cher, Yoko, Wyatt and Mariah. She is a smoking, sharp talking kick ass mother who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

The show centres around the nature of the family, teenage love, puberty, parenting, lust, toxic relationships, poverty and class.


I have been explaining this show to people as “What you would get if you spawned Gilmore Girls with Shameless except much, much better.”

So with that in mind, stop whatever you’re doing right now and watch this show. I’m not kidding. It is the best thing that has ever been written. The quips are perfect for literally any sense of humour. There is gross out humour, low brow butt humour, high brow literary humour, puns, pacing — it has everything and it is gods gift to television.

On top of that, it’s all women. The men in the show are really only there to be drivers and context for the stories of women in the show. Even Grampy and Wyatt who are fairly core cast. This is unheard of and it is heaven.

Pros: Ridiculously good humour, women cast, sex positive, good class analysis, a queer plotline, people of colour are cast (though there is a bit of colourism at play, I think), there is an older couple with an active sex life and a fat character who is very sex positive
Cons: The constant references to Geramine Greer make me think that the writer/s like her, which sucks
Genre: Comedy, British Comedy

Light/heavy rating: 3
Approach carefully if:
Can be found: SBS On Demand
Accessibility: No CC 😦

If you liked, I recommend: Gilmore Girls, Shameless, anything Caitlin Moran has made,


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