Last watched 2014


Post-Treme Katrina, everyone seems to agree, isn’t what it used to be. Those who weren’t part of the diaspora getting away from the damage are left to grieve, rebuild and pick up the pieces.

Treme threads the lives of many different characters working through the trauma of Katrina in the shadow of the city they once, and still, love.


I think that the people who green-lit Treme were expecting another the Wire. (It’s written by the same folk) Treme is a very different beast as it sprawls much farther and is quite ambitious in a lot of ways. Where the Wire followed the thread of police and community, Treme is more like the illustration of a setting. It is trying to tell the story of a New Orleans, where the Wire let the stories of the people illustrate Baltimore.

Honestly the biggest and best reason to watch this show is because of the music. It is the fabric that knits the show and the characters together.

Pros: The writing, acting, directing and music are just second to none. The characters are all fully fledged and well rounded, including many people of colour and women. There are a lot of things to love about Treme. It is just an excellent show.
Cons: The first few seasons feel much more well rounded. The last season feels a little abrupt and cut-short.
Genre: Drama

Light/heavy rating: 7
Approach carefully if: you have trouble with suicide or depression, especially in/of a parent. Also if you are triggered around death in natural disaster. There is also a very, very realistic and violent rape in it, there is a lot of drug use and some gun crime depicted.

Can be found: HBO

If you liked, I recommend: the Wire, Kids on the Slope, the Sopranos (I guess, I never watched it)


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