the Family Law

Last watched 2016

Benjamin Law is a young Chinese kid coming to terms with his sexuality in the middle of a complicated family storm. His parents’ marriage is rocky and he is the middle child of five.


When interviewed about this show, Law said (I paraphrase) that it is often compared to Fresh Off the Boat. But while Fresh Off the Boat is about a Chinese family looking to find their place in society and the Family Law is just about a regular family who happens to be Chinese.

This is the best way to describe the show as it is just that. It’s funny, it’s heart warming, it’s difficult and kooky. It’s a really enjoyable watch and I think it’s one of the really great and important milestones in Australian television.

Pros: funny, endearing, empathetic and compassionate character depictions. Appropriate casting regarding to race. Written and adapted by Benjamin Law, who is Chinese.
Cons: there is a bit of ableism through the comedy derived from leg braces and a hearing aid, but otherwise the show seems pretty well rounded politically
Genre: comedy, Australian comedy

Light/heavy rating: 4
Approach carefully if: you have difficulty with the dissolution of a marriage, casual ableism

Can be found: SBS

If you liked, I recommend: Fresh off the Boat, Master of None, Faking It, Upper Middle Bogan, Arrested Development


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