Steven Universe

Last watched July 2016


Steven is a young boy who is, I guess, half alien (or Gem, to be precise). His mother died when he was born so he could exist and he is brought up by three other Gem-people in Beach City.


Oh gosh, you are in for a treat with this one.

Steven Universe is a light hearted romp that you’ll start watching with a light investment and somewhere along the line you will find yourself weeping and holding your breath. It creeps up on you and hits you over the head with intricate examinations of gender, body and sexuality.

I particularly like that Steven’s dad is a loving revision of the ‘dead beat dad’ trope as he’s always around and available for Steven but doesn’t have an active hand in raising him, instead living down at his car wash.

That’s all I’ll go into, but I assure you there is just so much to love in this show. As a friend put it, it sort of sneaks up on you and while you’re not looking. It will bend your concept of gender and surprise / delight you with it’s queer little secrets.

Pros: All of them. Gender diversity, sexual diversity, some racial diversity. It’s light and fluffy but also deals with some really serious issues. I would say it is mandatory viewing for young boys, in particular, as Steven is a beautifully, fully fledged counter-example to many hyper-violent toxic-masculine role models.
Cons: Can’t… think… of any
Genre: Fantasy, sci fi, childrens, comedy

Light/heavy rating: 2
Approach carefully if: you have lost a parent

Can be found: on YouTube for a hefty $3AUD an ep -___-

If you liked, I recommend: Adventure Time, Bee and Puppycat, Bravest Warriors, My So Called Life, Cowboy Bebop, the Long, Long Holiday


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