Last watched late 2015


When Ruth Gilmartin, a PhD student at St John’s College goes to see her mother in the country, she finds her mother paranoid about men watching her from the woods. Ruth dismisses these claims until her mother hands her a notebook with the name “Eva Delectorskaya” on it; her real name.

Revealing that she used to be a spy working for the British government, Eva enlists her daughter to help her figure out the last in a line of murders in her group of spies.


I love me a historical drama and this is a double-layer of drama as it straddles the 70s and the 40s. The double-woman lead is deeply compelling and Charlotte Rampling gives a stand-out performance (surprise, surprise).

Pros: woman lead, well written, well directed, double historical fiction (set in 40s and 70s — a big draw card for my friend Lucy)
Cons: where are the people of colour?! where are the queers?! do people thing they just did not exist in the past?
Genre: historical drama, spy drama, British drama

Approach carefully if: you struggle with suicide, murder of a family member (brother), parents lying to children

Can be found: Netflix
Accessibility: subtitles 🙂

If you liked, I recommend: the Bletchley Circle, the Honorable Woman, Homeland, Manhattan, the Heavy Water War, Occupied


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