Last watched early 2016


In the near future, oil supply is troubled due to disturbances in the Middle East, a massive hurricane devastates Norway and this gives rise to the Green Party, who are looking to make the country completely oil-free thanks to thorium based power. This announcement surprises the EU and forces Russia’s hand.

In the age of social media and public awareness, how do you keep a population calm when everything is on the brink of falling apart?


Occupation was really great. The women characters are well rounded and compelling. The cat-and-mouse chase between reporters, politicians, diplomats and the every-man weaves a really intricate web that is hard to pull off. The Wire does it successfully, but even then, only after several seasons.

Occupied feels super cohesive and schmick. As a viewer you can see the plot lines on a micro level and a macro level at the same time. This means each action is not about the tension brought about between two individuals, but the tension brought about internally in characters. ‘The right thing to do’ isn’t clear when the micro and the macro are in direct conflict. Would you choose protecting a single life if it meant many lost instead? What is your complicity in that choice and it’s repercussions? What is more important, your integrity or your survival? These are the sorts of questions that Occupation asks.

Pros: well written, well directed, well acted
Cons: could do with more people of colour
Genre: Political drama, Nordic drama

Light/heavy rating:
Approach carefully if: you struggle with random murder, kidnap, political pressure, occupation

Can be found: Netflix

If you liked, I recommend: the Heavy Water War, the Wire, the Long, Long Holiday



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