Last watched 2015


Miranda comes into some money so does what any normal person would, she buys a joke shop and hires her very ambitious best friend to manage it. When her long-time crush Gary moves in next door, she struggles to keep her cool.


Miranda Hart’s style of comedy is so particular to her, it would be virtually impossible for anyone else to replicate. This style of comedy, I believe, is borne out of the fact that she, herself, is just so ~hilariously~ awkward as a person. I saw her stage show and I assure you, it’s 100% her.

I have shown this to many, many people and not a single one hasn’t laughed. It is the tv equivalent of eating fairy floss — light, silly and bright pink. A lot of the jokes are at the expense of the upper classes. There is a lot of punching up and all of the jokes are written by Miranda so it takes the edge off the particularly harsh ones (like the ones about her weight or her looks).

Every time I show someone the first episode, I forget how fatphobic, transphobic, gender essentialist and hetero-centric it is. I hold my breath and watch them out of the corner of my eye thinking oh god, was this the right thing to show them? Thankfully everyone so far has laughed *wipes brow* A lot of the jokes centre around appearance (that Miranda looks like a man, that Miranda is fat, that Stevie is short etc).

Pros: hilarious, woman written, women lead, class punching-up
Cons: fatphobic, transphobic, homophobic, gender essentialist
Genre: Comedy, British Comedy, Very British Comedy, sit com, rom com

Light/heavy rating: 3
Approach carefully if: you have issues with fat jokes, jokes around cis people being misgendered, jokes about being short, jokes about being pressured to marry, jokes that are rooted in misogyny (like men being effeminate), many jokes about her loving and eating a lot of food.

Can be found: Netflix

If you liked, I recommend: Green Wing, Black Books, Arrested Development, Better off Ted, Friday Night Dinner, Fargo


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