Invader Zim

Last watched 2012



Before there was Adventure Time, there was Invader Zim. Slightly more dark, Invader Zim feels more like AAAHH! Real Monsters (a quintessentially 90s Nickelodion cartoon) than it does it’s fluffier Cartoon Network counterparts. Despite this, the show is spectacular.

Even though I watched it some time ago, I still have potent residual memories and feelings of slight discomfort but overall enjoyment. I have a residual suspicion of babies, an increased disgust of pimples and a complete adoration of small, dopey robots.

I can’t speak to any of its probbo nature (I’m sure there are some) because I haven’t watched it in a while.

Pros: the creator is of Mexican descent, the show is dark and funny and the lead female (the sister) is very counter-typical.
Cons: none? I guess?
Genre: comic, dark comic, cartoon

Light/heavy rating: 4
Approach carefully if: you struggle with plot lines around aliens, conspiracy theories, absent fathers, hyper surreal setting

Can be found: *tugs collar* on the internet…

If you liked, I recommend: AAAAH! real monsters


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