Fresh off the Boat

Last watched 2015


Eddie Huang’s Taiwanese family moves from Chinatown in Washington to Orlando, Florida, to open a cowboy themed steak restaurant. Eddie’s father heartily embraces American culture and the American dream, Eddie’s mother struggles with living in a largely white neighbourhood.


I love how much Eddie loves hip hop. I love the cultural reference points and how they’re explained (perms are a sign of affluence). I love the fish-out-of-water plotline and I love the way this show is made. The direction’s good, the acting is good, the writing is good. It’s main cast is all people of colour (the Huang family) and they’re all written very compassionately.

Pros: non-white lead cast, well rounded women characters
Genre: comedy

Light/heavy rating: 4
Approach carefully if: you have trouble with high school / middle school bullying (especially if racially motivated)

Can be found:

If you liked, I recommend: the Family Law, Please Like Me, the Fosters, Faking It


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