Fresh Meat

Last watched early 2015


Due to their late applications for University housing, Vod, Oregon, Josie, Kingsley, JP and Howard have to live off campus in a share-house. The series traverses what you would expect it to in this sort of University set up; financial troubles, alcohol and drug use, pressure relating to study and grades, difficulty in relationships and sex.


It’s a very watchable, fairly fluffy comedy that effectively traverses some darker aspects of the limbo years of University.

Pros: A decent depiction of a person of colour, well rounded women characters, self aware depictions of (the upper) class and gentle punching-up,
Cons: iffy jokes about consent, some ‘no homo’ plot lines (that are fairly self-aware)
Genre: British comedy

Approach carefully if: you struggle with infidelity plot lines, dying parents, drug abuse

Can be found: Netflix
Accessibility: subtitles 🙂

If you liked, I recommend: Crashing, Friday Night Dinner, Being Human, Getting On


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