Freaks and Geeks

Last watched August 2010


Lindsay Weir and her younger brother Sam attend William McKinley High School during the 1980–1981 school year, in the town of Chippewa, Michigan. Lindsay is going through a transition phase, finding herself with one foot in the group “geeks” and one foot in the group “freaks”.

The freaks consist of Daniel Desario, Ken Miller, Nick Andopolis and Kim Kelly. They are what the rest of society would generally label ‘losers’ and Lindsay’s parents and school worry for her. Her oldest friend, Millie Kentner is much more of a geek – both religious and math wise.

Sam is going through a similar period for while he loves is geek friends dearly, he has a crush on one of the ‘Pod People’, Cindy Sanders, an attractive, popular cheerleader.


Made in the really late 90s into early 2000s, Freaks and Geeks was one of the first times I felt like I was watching something truly groundbreaking; truly pure and raw and perfect. It lacks the glossy sheen that accompanies most High School media (like 10 Things I Hate About You, High School Musical, Glee, even My So Called Life) and presents a gritty, realistic coming-of-age show.

Pros: Intersex plotline!!!!!! It is a small one but it is a really powerful one.
Cons: I haven’t watched it in long enough to know, but definitely will be a few
Genre: high school, high school drama, coming of age

Approach carefully if: you have difficulty over romantic rejection due to being intersex, underage drinking, peer pressure, family pressure, high school, drug use

Can be found: Netflix, Stan
Accessibility: closed captions available 🙂

If you liked, I recommend: Faking It, My So Called Life, the Fosters, Friday Night Lights


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