Faking It

Last watched February 2015


Karma and Amy are best friends. By accident they are outed as lesbians, even though they are not. In the super liberal Texan area they live in, this is not a bad thing as they suddenly become super popular. They continue the ruse because they are teenagers and make bad decisions, but one of them starts to feel things the other doesn’t.

Hijynx ensues.

Pros: One of very few intersex plot lines, plenty of sexual diversity represented (including Amy who is bisexual). They also have a fairly prominent muslim character with hijab who is… wait for it… depicted as totally normal! (whaaat?)
Cons: more of the main cast could be racially diverse, though they have really made an exaggerated point of including a lot of different types of people and I suspect those characters will get more screen time going forward
Genre: High school, comedy, coming of age

Light/heavy rating: 2
Approach carefully if: you have been involved in a drug bust (the bust in this will probably infuriate you, particularly if you are a person of colour). Also Karma’s family (as you might be able to tell by the name) is ~that~ kind of hippy. The depiction is over the top, though, so can be read as satire.

Can be found: Stan

If you liked, I recommend: Fresh off the Boat, the Family Law, Bobs BurgersSupergirl


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