Brooklyn 99

Last watched: probably yesterday, (officially August 2016)


The 99 is a police precinct in Brooklyn staffed by some of Brooklyn’s finest, and by finest I mean most eccentric and to-be-expected. You have the over enthusiastic teachers pet, Amy, the utterly devoid of use aging cops Scully and Hitchcock, the plucky sidekick, Charles, the snide Gina (who is just admin, albeit), the hulky proud father Terry, the monotone Captain Holt and Jake Peralta, the child-in-a-mans-body. Each episode they fight crime and each other.


Gosh darnit this is a great piece of fluff and I love it. The themes in each episode aren’t super dense, there’s no real ‘greater theme’ under examination though there is a firm spotlight on bureaucracy, being a minority under unfair power structures, ‘doing the right thing’ in a way that a lot of other cop shows don’t particularly have. All the characters are equal parts 3dimensional and 2dimensional, depending on the circumstance – in other words, some characters aren’t afforded more space than others due to race, sexuality or gender.

It’s just a well written comedy show that is super gentle and funny.

Pros: racially diverse, sexuality diverse, good representation of women, particularly women at intersections (two Latina characters), there are a decent amount of women and people of colour in both the writing and editing of the show — though mostly they aren’t core writers, which is disappointing. (I may be wrong on this, I find IMDB confusing)
Cons: police are the worst and humanising them in a comedy show gives me weird feels
Genre: comedy, US comedy, cop show

Approach carefully if: you have difficulty with the humanisation of cops, you struggle with… people… doing… things? Seriously though pls feel free to tell me what else I should put in this section

Can be found: Netflix
Accessibility: Subtitles 🙂

If you liked, I recommend: Parks and Recreation, Scrubs, Community, Better Off Ted, Party Down, Reno 911? (I’ve never watched it)


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