Bobs Burgers

Last watched Jan 2016


The Belcher family run a burger shop.


Bob’s Burgers the next generation’s the Simpsons without the slow decline in writing/quality (yet, I guess). They run a burger joint and are all impeccably peculiar. Bob relishes (~_^) burger puns in his naming of burgers. Linda often breaks into song as though her life is a musical. Tina has a (sexually charged) thing for butts and zombies. Gene loves his music and Louise, though the youngest, is the brightest and most despotic of the children. This is her blessing and her curse for as the youngest, she is pretty constantly the least in power.

Pros: a really lovely representation of parenting, teenagers, siblings and children. Also really enjoyable to see characters like Gene, Teddy, Andy & Ollie who aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed but are totally enjoyable, and completely valued + respected as characters (and people).
Cons: Can’t… think of any. More people of colour would be good, though.
Genre: Comedy, cartoon, family

Light/heavy rating: 2
Approach carefully if: Can’t… think… of anything.

Can be found: Netflix

If you liked, I recommend: the Family Law, Fresh off the Boat, Friday Night Dinner, Daria


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