Bomb Girls

Last watched late 2015


It’s 1941 in Canada and the war has meant that men have largely been called into service. The war effort calls for women to do their bit, so Gladys Witham, wealthy daughter of the local Rosedale family decides to work in the munitions factory. There she meets Betty McRae, a hard working, tomboy bombshell; Lorna Corbett, the bolshy matron and Kate Andrews, the timid new girl. They each have their back story and each find their way through the tough times that war brings.


That summary focuses a little too much on Gladys because there are a lot of plots in the show that are compelling and important in their own right. There are discussions about disability and attractiveness under the framework of women being commodified and “worth” being dependant on looks, there are conversations about sex work that are really positive and there are queer plotlines. Bomb Girls does well to traverse some important ground in telly.

Pros: Sex positive, sex worker positive, woman lead, women directors, women writers
Cons: not enough people of colour (not nearly enough! it’s not like they popped into existence during the Civil Rights movement)
Genre: historical fiction, historical drama

Approach carefully if: you have difficulties with facial disfigurement, factory accidents, racism (particularly towards Italian folk), infidelity, repressive class requirements, semi-arranged marriages, queer phobia, intense Christian characters (abusive father type)

Can be found: Netflix

If you liked, I recommend: Anzac Girls, Restless, Call the Midwife, Manhattan, the Long, Long Holiday, the Bletchley Circle


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