Big Love

Last watched 2014


Bill Paxton is the ostracised son of a polygamous father who lives on a commune. He’s made something of himself, though, and has three wives and many lovely children, all who live together in relative harmony in Utah’s suburbia.


The show goes seriously down hill at series 4 and I’ve never really watched past season 3. It’s well written, though, and most of the core characters are women. It’s as much about marriage as it is about negotiating consensual non-monogamy (even if that non-monogamy is in a Mormon setting)

Pros: The narratives about consensual non-monogamy and portraying a non-traditional framework in a positive, completely relatable light. It doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of polygamy and those communes in Utah. It does accurately depict misogyny some intense though. There is also one kick ass, fully developed, flawed older woman character.
Cons: It feels a lot like it glosses over some of the really messed up fundamental aspects of Mormonism, namely the racism.
Genre: Family drama, christian drama

Light/heavy rating: 5
Approach carefully if: you have history with cults, statutory rape and/or child brides, problem gambling, christianity / Mormonism, polygamy, familial rejection

Can be found: Stan

If you liked, I recommend: Carnivale


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