Better off Ted

Last watched 2014


Ted is middle management in a mega-corporation with a semi-sociopathic boss (Portia deRossi) and a jimminy cricket daughter who keeps him ethically in-line.


Better off Ted is a very lovingly tongue-in-cheek comedy punching up at corporations and capitalistic dystopian work places where murder-cyborgs cause HR headaches and the people Up Top try to cryo-freeze their employees.

It’s really beautiful satire that is deeply critical of corporations, corporate work environments and the lack of ethics folk have.

Pros: If you liked Portia deRossi in Arrested Development, you will like her in this. (Honestly, though, who could not like her in either of these). Her depiction of Ted’s slightly out-of-touch cut-throat boss is just super, super funny. The women are well rounded and not in any way tokenistic. There is one man of colour in the core cast who is well fleshed out.
Cons: There could be more people of colour in the core cast and there are only 2 seasons
Genre: Comedy

Light/heavy rating: 3
Approach carefully if: you have an absent parent? I’m sure there will be more but I haven’t watched it in a while.

Can be found: Netflix

If you liked, I recommend: Arrested Development, Friday Night Dinner, Parks and Recreation, Glee
Wild card: Jane the Virgin



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